Favouriting a match on our app will subscribe you to match alert notifications for that match. You can decide which match alerts that you would like to receive for all of your favourited matches within the notifications section of the settings menu. All of your favourite matches will also be grouped together in the Favourites section of the app and website.

Favouriting a team, which is only available within our app, will automatically favourite the matches that the team is involved in. Therefore subscribing you to the agreed match alter notifications for those matches too. When favouriting a team you can also opt into notifications for news related to that team as well. A list of your favourite teams can be viewed and managed in the favourites section of the app.

Favouriting a competition will move that competition to the top of the Scores page of the app and website. Your favourited competitions will appear in the Favourites section of the app and website where you will be able to adjust what order your favourite competitions appear in.