FIDE World Championship 2023

The most significant over-the-board classical competition of the year, the 2023 FIDE World Championship determined the new world champion. After GM Magnus Carlsen renounced his title, Ian Nepomniachtchi and Ding Liren engaged in a contest to succeed him.

The second-ranked player in the world and the best player in his nation is GM Ian Nepomniachtchi. Nepomniachtchi is a talented player who is always risky to play against on the board. He advanced to the 2023 World Championship after winning the Candidates Tournament with a record-breaking 9.5/14 score in the current format after finishing second in the 2021 World Championship.

The third-ranked player in the world and top Chinese player is GM Ding Liren. Ding played with a machine-like efficiency that served him well after he was selected for the 2022 Candidates based on rating. He had a strong positional style. After a thrilling victory over GM Hikaru Nakamura in the tournament’s last round, Ding finished in second place and qualified to play in the championship match as the runners-up among the Candidates.

Why Didn’t Carlsen Play?

Shortly after defeating Nepomniachtchi to successfully defend his title in 2021, Carlsen declared that he would only play the following world championship match if GM Alireza Firouzja was his opponent. In an interview with a Norwegian newspaper at the start of 2022, Carlsen once more stated that he would probably not defend his title.

However, Carlsen didn’t formally declare his intention to forfeit the following world championship match and relinquish his crown until July 2022. Many chess enthusiasts were shocked by the revelation.

Match Laws

The contest included up to 14 traditional games.
The winner of the game and the subsequent World Champion is the player who earned at least 7.5 points.
The first 40 moves of the game had a time limit of 120 minutes, the following 20 moves had a time limit of 60 minutes, and the final 15 moves of the game had a time limit of 15. There was a 30-second increment every move beginning on move 61.
Before Black makes his 40th move, players are not permitted to declare a draw.

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this praggnanandhaa guy will win in the next chess world cup


i think they need to have under 18 chess world cup

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