How To Calculate Pool Winning

Calculate Pools Winning


Football pools winnings on fixed odds are the simplest to calculate when the maximum number of lines obtained has been secured (that is, number of lines have been confirmed). To calculate winnings just multiply the amount staked by the odds for the coupon. This rule applies only if it is a direct NAP winning.


However, if in a permutation, you get at least the minimum selection required, to determine your winnings:

1. first you must know the lines of your selection

2. followed by your winning lines (check the permutation reckoner),


Which is determined by the number of correct outcomes in your selection. You can then calculate your winnings using the formula as shown below;

i. Multiply your winning lines by the amount staked per line;
ii. Multiply the results (as obtained above) by the odds for the game that week.



For example: If you stake a permutation of 3 from 5, the total number of lines is 10. If your total stake invested on the coupon is ₦1000, which means the coupon was staked at ₦100 per line. If out of the 5 games, an outcome of 4 are correct, your winning line is 4. If the odd for that week’s round is 60, then your total winning will be:


4 multiplied by 100 = 400
400 multiplied by 60 = 24,000
Total winnings = ₦24,000.



Below is a formula that can used for calculating any winnings on the football pools.


Winnings = WL x C-ODDS x AS



WL = Winning Lines
C-ODDS = Coupon Odds
AS = Amount Staked
TLS = Total Lines Staked




Now, let’s apply the formula to the example as above:


Winnings = 4 x 60 x 1000 = 24000




Now, you can now calculate your football pools winning, if you don’t understand till now. Gently go through this publication again and again. Look for a permutation table for number of lines used for calculations.

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