Week 21 Pools DEAD GAMES 2023: kindly Drop Your Best CANNOT DRAWS Here

Greetings from week 21. Instead of posting 10 pointless games this week, which may ultimately result in no more than two draws, shouldn’t we aim to post three games that will provide a score of 0/3? I think viewers will be more appreciative.

We also advise our viewers to try and carefully consider each piece of evidence they encounter before determining whether or not to give up on the number. If you’re still not convinced, kindly attempt to ignore our comment without causing any issues.


Please let our visitors know that administrators do not permit comments that dispute any uploaded dead game.

– If you are submitting a dead game, you must include a proof; else, your comment will not be valid and will not be approved. We don’t want anyone to pile invalid or plate numbers onto our platform, thus that is why. You are only encouraged to submit dead games that have hard evidence so that anyone who has it as a banker can choose to play or leave it. Let’s please follow the right path.


– From now on, the administrator won’t let the publishing of more than six dead games. We really hope for your finest outcome.

Please try to avoid watching this if you don’t find the comments amenable. This is just for cannot sketches.


Note: If your six cannot offer three (3) weeks of proof draws, then… 1000 Naira in cash will be your reward from the administrator.

If you have any Dead Games for Week 21 to post, you may do so now.


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23 is a dead game this week, home first alphabet of number 31 is a dead game execpt blue color,number 3 is a dead game joker portion at the back of win star carrying ?? Mark if it marks 1 is a dead game, win star page 3 job chart ?? Mark if it marks 1 is a dead game 38, Soccer family number at Tony Weaver’s forecast in front of soccer 9-19 since last year, game 15 and 16 offull list is a dead game except itcarries double digits number admin pleas approve this is my first time

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