week 42 pool banker room 2023 – surest pool banker for this week posted by experienced compilers.

Pool Draw This Week 42…. We say a very big thanks to  everyone who contributed in the last week’s banker donations. All your contributions is appreciated.

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Note before you post in this banker room, pay attention to this rules and regulations

  1.  You’re required to post just either your best banker or best pair or best winning nap/line. You don’t need to post more.. Just move any other game you’ve to the discussion room. We need to recognize you as a banker or pair or winning line specialist. We appreciate it when you’re concise and explicit in your comment. Please don’t post more than once in the banker room.
  2. If you decide to post a pair, banker and winning line altogether, each of them must deliver before you get enlisted in the weekly champions list. Please post only your most trusted game (a banker if that’s what you trust most, this applies to pairs or winning line too) in the banker room. You can post any other observation in the discussion room for further deliberation.
  3. But if you sell games and wish to do business to its brim without alteration, please visit the nap market to sell your games.

Please the above is not a command but a common principle that will ensure effectiveness of this forum. Old members.. you should please take heed of these set guidelines because new members are looking up to you and taking cue from your actions. Once you publish your comment, do not bother re-posting it; exercise little patience before it gets published by the admin.

To Everyone making use of the posted games….. You cannot play all the games posted here. To experience more success, ensure you trust the ability of the person you’re about to play his game. And most importantly, always re-analyze the proofs before deciding to use any game. Look before you reap..


Our Reward….

  • Anyone who delivers three consecutive weeks of winning banker gets a 1000 naira reward.
  • Anyone who delivers four weeks live pairs winning streak, earns 1000 naira.
  • Anyone who delivers 2 weeks winning lines (5 games) streak, earns 1000 naira.
  • Anyone who delivers 3/3 nap with proof on any week earns 1000 naira.

Mega Reward……….

At the end of each pool season (UK and AUSSIE combined), the person who won the highest number of reward get’s the sum of N10,000 as Sportatips Champion for that season..


For Important Issues Only — +234 807 188 5074 – Only Text or Whatsapp Messages… i’ll reply. No Calls Please, Please text only.

Have Fun….


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Week 42
Ipswich at 25 away is a sure banker on week of setting
Ref: Current Season

Ipswich@25 awy is a key which will result in 4 other fixed matches. A) Ipswich to draw B) Harrogate to draw C) count the alphabetical letters of the opponent of Ipswich for one draw. Reference weeks are weeks 26, 40 this season only.


5××,is a sure draw this week 42.since 2019 first letter away game 5 is a draw.


32xx or 42xx
Any time Walsall set on coupon number 42 on the divisional bar, when you go to people sport paper Walsall must set at 42 on full list and DRAW in big letter to draw , and move to jackpot home 12 and rated XXX .use the pairs well… Last went OK.


Week41 i drop No:07XXX but is LKO Banker
My EKO Bankr No:17XXXX Proof
Birmingham vs Stoke XXXX
Stoke vs West Brom fail
Sunderland vs Birmingham fail
West Brom vs Sunderland XXXX
BET No:XXXX 17 XXXX single draw


Bank on Wigan in every fa cup week


Good afternoon, admin and sundry. My pair for week 42 is; 40XX p 20XX. Prove: CAF. Family digits in super pair & focus nap is for a pair of one or two potential draws. Ref: weeks 40 & 42 current season. Good luck.


Folks, howbeit I wish luck to favor us this WK 42. Oh God, hear our cry.
Possible 3/3
Proof 45cbk & 48cbk fixed 2/2;
WK 19, Nov 2022:
Livingston away @ 44 cs 1-1 drew
C.Rangers away @ 47 cs 1-1 drew
WK 42,Nov 2023:
Livingston away @ 45 cs 1-1 draw
C. Rangers away @ 48 cs 1-1 draw
Proof for 34cbk:

When Gillingham away harbours Colchester home with Doncaster on to Hartlepool all @ home, simply pick Colchester as draw, also the family members up provided such are on top Ipswich and Swansea.
WK 39 = 30,20,10 3/3 drew
WK 42 = 34cbk,24,14 3/3 to draw.
This WK 42,
Nap: 34cbk,45cbk,48cbk
Add 14 & 24 if you want 5/5.
Try me!


Let mark 3,17,23 , proof WK 32 last season reading vs Coventry 17 ff,WK 42 Westbroom vs Coventry 17 xxxxx, WK 32 current Sunderland vs reading 17 ff,dis wk 42 mark Westbroom vs Sunderland 17 xxxxx, proof of 3, WK 9 current man u vs Arsenal, away of 6 was crystal p,WK 10 mark crystal p vs man u 3 xxxx, last week westham vs Arsenal, away team of 6 was bounmouth,dis wk mark Bournemouth vs westham @ no 3xxxxx, second proof , WK 29 current , burton a @ Sunday date of play ,add Saturday ND Sunday date of play to give u position of dundee u, gillinham must share same digits with Burton A, first digit of Burton A Bournemouth will set mark Bournemouth ND Burton @ 2 drws , so mark 3,17,23


15/16 must for a draw Welcome to WK 42
Capital RSK international: as I always drop it for us since beginning of the season. The two ?? in the same division mark for a draw. WK 42 play 15/16 must
Latest performance
WK38: 17X 24X
WK39: 27X 35X
WK40: 36F 37F
WK41: 28X 18F
WK42: 15? 16?.


Mark all your copies with these numbers.
If you stake 10 copies with these numbers,you will win 10 copies as tested and proven without doubt.
The major functions are
all in the English Championship.
These are;
There two teams in the English
Championship that have initial letter ‘R’as stated above.
Each to take on BRISTOL C at home on number 10.
Ref: Week 39 and Week 42
Preview WEEK 39
Both teams with initial letter R as draws and both teams have to be at away respectively.
Mark STEVENAGE at away as a draw.
Mark HIBERNIAN position minus 10,the answer to draw.But HIBERNIAN has to in odd/even number position in respect to the week number.
If you solve the same theory as above, your final four games for draws are:


I want to complete four weeks pairs.
My performance so far producting pairs that has never failed.
Week 39 (((16✓✓ pair27✓✓)))
Week 40 (((15✓✓ pair18✓✓)))
Week 41 (((22✓✓ pair28✓✓)))
To complete the fourth weeks go and pair 32✓✓pairs 34✓✓.Prove
Take your Niger follow me.
Go week 36 you will see leyton.O.@No39 away, Harrogate @Ño34 away.following week 37.Colchester pick leyton.O.to go the previous position of Harrogate,while opponent of Swindon to No32 to pair No34.in week 37 32✓✓✓Pair34✓✓.
Last week No41 Leyton o.@No39 away, Harrogate@No34 Home.Setting again.come to current Colchester pick the opponent of Leyton o.to meet at No34 in previous position of Harrogate,while the opponent of Swindon to meet Carlisle @No32 to pair No34.
So pair of the week is (((32✓✓ pair 34✓✓)).Admin take Note my four weeks stakes complete.


We are all welcomed to week 42.
Last week 12 cut my nap.
Play that 12 this week it will draw.
This week,I have a pair.
Since week 37, add the first and last alphabets of home team at 49, the answer to pair up and down. I just discovered the observation last night.
I have a solid banker that I will display in discussion room.
Just wait till Wednesday.
Alternate the pair with the banker for at least 2/2.


Blu’ Colo’

Welcom’ to Wk 42 Blu’ Colo’

This Wk 42 Blu’ Color Alternative Super Pair Banker

# 36 Pair 38

🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑 Formula —

Currently —- Anytime u See “Crawley ” @ Away Only On Blu’ Color

💲 💲 💲 ” Count 3 up n 3 Down n Current Position Must Produce Draw

Formula 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑

From. “Crawley” 💲 💲 💲 @ Away Only on Blu’ Color Count 3 up n 3 Down Must Produce Draw —

Now Based on My Draw Chart — I Choose

# 36 Pair 38

Wk 42 Blu’ Color Alternative Super Pair Banker

# 36 Pair 38

💰 💰 💰 💰 💰

Play n win n Appreciate Thru Admin

This Wk 42 Blu’ Color Alternative Super Pair Banker

# 36 Pair 38

💲 💲 💲 💲 💲

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