week 44 pool banker room 2023 – surest pool banker for this week posted by experienced compilers.

Pool Draw This Week 44…. We say a very big thanks to  everyone who contributed in the last week’s banker donations. All your contributions is appreciated.

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Note before you post in this banker room, pay attention to this rules and regulations

  1.  You’re required to post just either your best banker or best pair or best winning nap/line. You don’t need to post more.. Just move any other game you’ve to the discussion room. We need to recognize you as a banker or pair or winning line specialist. We appreciate it when you’re concise and explicit in your comment. Please don’t post more than once in the banker room.
  2. If you decide to post a pair, banker and winning line altogether, each of them must deliver before you get enlisted in the weekly champions list. Please post only your most trusted game (a banker if that’s what you trust most, this applies to pairs or winning line too) in the banker room. You can post any other observation in the discussion room for further deliberation.
  3. But if you sell games and wish to do business to its brim without alteration, please visit the nap market to sell your games.

Please the above is not a command but a common principle that will ensure effectiveness of this forum. Old members.. you should please take heed of these set guidelines because new members are looking up to you and taking cue from your actions. Once you publish your comment, do not bother re-posting it; exercise little patience before it gets published by the admin.

To Everyone making use of the posted games….. You cannot play all the games posted here. To experience more success, ensure you trust the ability of the person you’re about to play his game. And most importantly, always re-analyze the proofs before deciding to use any game. Look before you reap..


Our Reward….

  • Anyone who delivers three consecutive weeks of winning banker gets a 1000 naira reward.
  • Anyone who delivers four weeks live pairs winning streak, earns 1000 naira.
  • Anyone who delivers 2 weeks winning lines (5 games) streak, earns 1000 naira.
  • Anyone who delivers 3/3 nap with proof on any week earns 1000 naira.

Mega Reward……….

At the end of each pool season (UK and AUSSIE combined), the person who won the highest number of reward get’s the sum of N10,000 as Sportatips Champion for that season..


For Important Issues Only — +234 807 188 5074 – Only Text or Whatsapp Messages… i’ll reply. No Calls Please, Please text only.

Have Fun….


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My first banker here in this week 44 is xxx16 16 16 xxxxx
In week40 check PRESTON VS MILWALL@ NO 11 CANOT. Following week, which is week 41, Preston to meet BLACKBURN @ NO 16 BANKER DRAW. THIS WEEK 44 MILLWALL TO MEET BLACKBURN @ NO 16.✓✓.

abdullahi abubakar

Anytime coventry appear@away on purple coupon,mark huddersfieldxxx as banker And this week is 13xxx.ref wk8,16,28,44 all current


Since the beginning of this season tilldate,anytime burnley appear on purple coupon.kindly add or subtract code 2 to obtain one or two draw(s)…this wk,it’s either 10xx or 14xx.but I pick 14xxx as banker


week44>bet>16xx23xx31xx proof of 16, anytime u add game 1and2 first aphabet at bobmorton fabolous 8 and the answer apear at bobmorton nap is a draw, ref wk25 wk28 wk43, proof of 23, go to bobmorton fulllist game37 wk41 36fail following wk42 36fail to move to game 1 and fail, now last wk go to game37 23xxdraw, following wk 23xxto move 2game 1 and repeat draw, proof of 31, oponent of CAMBRIDGE UTD in previous wk to meet OXFORD at coupon number 31xx in current wk to draw, ref wk39-40


From the stables of of SPECIAL ADVANCE FIXTURES the appearance of number 36 at box 6 of HSQ in Purple coupon mark box 7 to draw,then use code (-1) & (+1) on the game in serial number 2 of SHORT LIST answer to draw. Reference is WK 16,2019 WK 16,2022 WK 32,2023 & WK 44,2023 as well. Please post for the benefit of everyone sir, thanks.


Whenever it’s Purple fixture and number 13 is placed in box 4 of HSQ in SAF paper bank on box 7 as a one banker draw for the week Ref.
WK 37,2020—-38✓✓✓
WK 40,2020—-27√√√
WK 42,2023—-26***
WK 44,2023—-43???
Best of luck all !


Week44 first time in purple mark-1*12*18*38 as your 4/4 or 3/4 must. proof, (brown wk5), u will see Bournmouth at no 1 , look for Burnley, preston and grimsby,all at home which is 10*12*36* 3/3 week7 red Bournmouth at no 1, look for burnley, preston and grimsby, this three team must be at home or away to give you 7*9*34* 3/3 week 13 brown Bournmouth at no 1, Burnley, preston and grimsby all at away to give you 1*10*15*35* 4/4 week 35 red Bournmouth at no 1 away, look for burnley , preston and grimsby all of them must at home or away to play 9*16*31* 2/3 bad result this week 44 Bournemth at no 1, burnley, preston and grimsby, remember all must be at home or away to give you 12* 18*38 add 1 pair 36 for sure winning line, long live to admin

Alfred Odion

Everton @ 2 Away
Purple Coupon Only
Mark Brentford to draw.
Week number and family up as fixed pair.
44?? pair 34??
Ref: Since last season.
Congrats in advance

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