Every word from Mauricio Pochettino on Chelsea chaos, Palmer, Man Utd win and avoiding a circus

Mauricio Pochettino spoke to the media after Chelsea’s 4-3 victory over Manchester United on Thursday night. Somehow, the Blues head coach had to try and sum up what everyone had just witnessed at Stamford Bridge.

Cole Palmer scored a stunning – and the most dramatic of – hat-tricks to inspire Chelsea in stoppage time. There was a massive let-off around the stadium as soon as the ball travelled past Andre Onana and hand the Blues three points.

Less than an hour after the game finished, Pochettino made his way to the media room and conducted his post-match press conference. Here is every word the Argentine had to say.

“It was amazing because we deserved it. We were the better team today. It was fair that we scored in the last minute. I think if you see everything, we started the game really well. The game was under control at 2-0 but then we made a big mistake.

“We suffered a big impact emotionally, an impact that was not easy to deal with. But in the second-half, we controlled the game. We conceded in transition. Of course, I’m disappointed with the way we conceded three goals because I think we should be better in this type of situation.

“But if you analyse the game, I think it’s a fair result. Three points for us and I think it’s an important finish at the end, creating the connection with our fans, the fans and the players. It’s a very good thing that happened today and it should be a turning point for us, the team to trust from the fans.”

“Because in the way it happened. It was unfair [if they lost]. The feeling was not so good, because I thought why are we losing the game? But it happened because in football it is like this. In the end, I was keeping believing. We were talking to our players, ‘there’s still two minutes’. We believed we could score the winning goal.

“Yes, so happy because in the end it was emotional. Win the game like this, three points and for us it was a must-win game to reduce the gap to the teams ahead of us. It was so, so, so important, the three points today.”

Some fans say they want to see more passion from you. When you’re like that at the end, do you think you bonded with them?

“Passion is not to be a crazy guy doing stupid things on the touchline. I’m not like this. Passion is the team needs to show passion when there are 11 players on the pitch running and are desperate to get the ball back and score a goal.

“That is the passion our fans need to see. I need to be calm. I need to be very clinical and analytic, watching the game and trying to help them in every single aspect in the game. I need to be concentrated and focused.

“At the end of the game, of course, show passion like I showed it today – fantastic. But that is not a circus, to need a clown to do things on the touchline. I need to be calm, very focused and try to help the team, a team that needs help from the outside because we are one of the youngest teams in Europe and I think we need to be calm, the coaching staff and try to analyse and say every word you can to try and help.

“I’m not a clown. I am a coach, a head coach. If someone wants a clown, then go and find a clown.”

Cole Palmer – hat-trick hero. What is his best skill?

“His best skill I think is, one of his best skills is his mentality, his capacity to deal with the pressure. He’s young, I think it’s his first season playing very consistently. I think it’s amazing the way he deals with the pressure.

“He can be a very good player. If we talk today, it’s impossible to not say he’s a top player, no? But he can still do things to improve.”

Do you enjoy games like that?

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